INTU centre SS18 photography. Street portraits in Derby and more!

July 02, 2018

I'm terrible at blogging. Really terrible.
I could say I'm just really busy and taking the time to write up all the work I do just isn't there... However, as a recent expert I spoke to said, you just HAVE to make time to blog.

So lets talk about the INTU work I've been doing.

I work with PR agencies across the UK to find, concieve and manage projects for their clients. Sometimes it will be a case of 'We need this, what do you think?' and other times it's 'we need a photographer to do this.... '. I'd shot an exhibition previously for INTU so it was nice for them to come back for round 2. Their spring summer 2018 street style and fashion project.

It was great. Essentially, getting out and about, finding and photographing super stylish people on the streets in Derby, Burton upon Trent, and Belper. A couple of weeks later, we put a studio into the same unit in the INTU shopping centre in Derby to photograph and document their make over experience with Stylist Cleo Lacey from Demi Couture.  There was a great team, make up artist, hair stylist, video crew and of course the marketing team from INTU.

It was a smashing project to be part of. You can find some of the street portraits over at The documentary work and make over images you will find dotted around the Derby INTU shopping centre and their marketing collateral.

Project like this really stir my interest in street portraits, street style, street fashion and getting out an moeeting people. It's even better when shooting portraits on the street and documenting style have a 'purpose' and can be used for more. If you are a brand, fashion house or fashion marketing company then say hello. I'm sure there is loads of projects we can be part of together!



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