I'm sure you have some AWESOME staff..

Why not celebrate them all with a nice little christmas party portrait package!

It's simple.

We'll set up a little portrait studio and photograph all your staff dressed in their finery! Bow ties, ball gowns and more. We can do headshots and square prints, group shots and team photos, simple souvenir onsite prints or huge film strip style celebration montages! (put that in the staff room and it could be a monthly doodle wall!) We can even sort out great little polaroid style take aways!

Staff parties are often a beautiful jumble of awesome. The CFO chatting to the new apprentice, marketing teams sharing shots with accounts and loved ones, partners and guests meeting long term colleagues.... It's surely an awesome, memorable and fabulous gathering.


It's often a missed opportunity.

Why not book a photographer to come along and document it all!

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