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Business Networking Nottingham. The 'NTBIZEXPO'

May 04, 2016

Nottingham event photographer The other day we were over in Nottingham shooting portraits at a networking expo.
You know the type of things, stands round the side, pop up banners and business card drops to win champagne...

Well when heard about it, we couldn't resist the chance to shoot portraits.

We set up a little portrait area and bang, photographed as many people as we could who came our way!
Lawyers, Sales execs, company director, architects and more sat for us.

Let's be honest, the show itself wasn't very well attended. It seemed to have minimal marketing and very little buzz about it, but we met some nice people and shot some awesome portraits of some awesome people!

Business networking is all about making and developing relationships. It's hard to do that when you meet people at shows so make sure you follow up. Say hello via email and of course, as is the norm theses days, connect on social media, twitter, linkedin and anything else relevant!

You can view the full gallery here: http://www.photographerinderby.co.uk/nottingham_business_networking




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