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Photographer East Midlands and further........

October 11, 2017

It's interesting when you chat to people and they ask where I work.
The easy answer to that is... Where ever.

But it can often be cheaper for Agencies and clients to book a local photographer near to where 'The Job' is than ask a photographer to travel.

This is where I come in.

My typical 'stomping ground' Is The East Midlands +.
I say + because from where I cam in Derby, within in hour I can cover pretty much the length and breadth of the East Midlands.

This includes:

  • Derby and Derbyshire.
  • Nottingham and Nottinghamshire.
  • Leicester and Leicestershire.

But also, due to my location, I can go west through to Staffordshire, Stoke on Trent, Burton, Measham, Ashby and of course, North to South Yorkshire, Sheffield and more.

I've worked with clients north of the border in Glasgow, The top of Leeds and throughout Wakefield, Across to Manchester and Macclesfield. I've worked on retainer for clients that needed me to work across the Peak District, up hills and down dales, I could go on.

The point of this post Is simple. If you need to me to be somewhere, it's not a problem.  Working with the same photographer across a variety of projects either connected or unconnected adds value to your brand as every photographer is different. Every style and approach varies and my experience of working from different studios, on location, out the bag or the back of the car means that no matter the project, you know we can find a solution.


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