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Portraits in the pub.

November 01, 2017

Linkedin, facebook and twitter.

All very interesting places full of chance encounters, never met 'stalkers', nosy people and friends of friends of friends.

We of course use each one for different reasons. 'professional networking', lording our expertise, updating news and of course marketing, client engagement and cat pictures. Everyone loves a cat picture!

What is interesting though, in this virtual word we live in, we can interact and chat, recommend and review people we have never met.
People who are only connected through shared comments, online groups and 'people we ought to know'.

I've been questioning my use of the online world recently. Questioning the bluster and the facade of click bait posting, ego massaging and half truths about project successes. Experts because of high followers rather than actually being an expert and the whole 'who you know not what you know' thing.

These questions actually led to a conclusion for once!
I need to meet people.

I need to be able to high five someone, be in the same physical space as someone and chat, meet, laugh and spend some time with them. I need to take the relationships formed online into the real world. I mean, I'm in the 500+ contacts on linkedin, share a city with them, be in a 2 square mile vicinity of them and... could walk past the street without knowing.

So here is the plan......


After work drinks, semi social, semi catch up, semi new meetings and more. And while we're there, well shoot some portraits and get to know people a little better.

It's simple.

We'll share some time, meet some new people and of course, shoot some portraits. We'll find some where to 'publish' the images and see what kind of ongoing connection/relationships we can develop through meeting each other in such an informal setting.

I'll handle the logistics.

You bring the Awesome!


It's on...
Book here! https://www.priorbooking.com/e/portraits-in-the-pub



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