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Linkedin Profile Pictures. Get it right.

May 28, 2017

Linkedin Profile Pictures.
Linkedin profile picturesLinkedin profile portraits

Get noticed.....

There are countless sources of information on the web about how to shoot the best portrait for linkedin, what to use and what not to use, how to dress, how to look and and whether or not that shot of you in that beer can helmet on that 'lads holiday; to Spain is appropriate or not.

Many of these posts may be from 'Social Media Experts' who will train you how to use Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook to build sales, brand awareness and more. (All at the going market rate of course)
The question is, are we adopting these practices because these 'experts' tell us its what to do, then this becomes the norm or is it actually how you do it?

Our view is simple. Linkedin is one of the first points of reference a potential client or employer may have about you. You REALLY want to make a great first impression. Linkedin, twitter etc all are extensions of your corporate presence. Make them count.

Presentation, Presentation, Presentation.

Firstly, who controls your linkedin profile?

Are you employed by a company who controls their message clearly and effectively? If your employers embrace linkedin as a marketing tool and you are in a customer engagement role, they might supply you with a nice 'corporate headshot' that along with linkedin, leads across other online corporate platforms including their website. This is great for client engagement and 'virtually' engaging people. It's a great way to nurture visual identifiers and its nice to know who people are, what they do and what they look like before telephones are picked up and emails are sent. After all, most people google suppliers and people before they communicate.

So your profile picture might be supplied for you. Great stuff.

If it's not?

How do you represent yourself?

Typically, people skip past profiles on linkedin with no picture. There are many stats from 'experts' that can tell you the percentage of people who will skip past a profile if it has no image. I do it, he does it, she does it and I'm sure you do to. We just don't engage with online networking profiles with a lack of imagery.
Some people use Logos, some people use other forms of branding, but you really do need an image in there. (Not just because linkedin 'grades' your profile and the more complete it is, the better, but we as humans like images and visual interest.. )

Remember,  It's YOUR profile. YOU are in charge of the message your online presence portrays.
Are you fun, engaging, powerful and influential? Are you approachable and Inspiring. Are you a 'leader' are you a dynamic 'go getter' who closes deals, builds sales and increases the bottom line of SME's within a week of taking over consultancy contracts?
At the end of the day, you can spend ages trying to get that portrait right.  You can include props, locations, creative ideas and more but at the end of the day, everyone has that same little square for a picture and at 200 x 200px, you can put a lot of heard work for a minimal return on investment....

Our advice.

  • Keep it simple. A simple photograph that shows you in the light you want to be seen in is not going to be wrong. Try a typical head and shoulders shot, cropped square.
  • Smile. People would love to instantly know you aren't a serial killer. Keep it a simple smile rather than a 'Here's Johnny' 'The shining style maniac grin.
  • Keep it relevant. Being recognizable is important. If people see that portrait shot of you back in 1998 who will they feel when they meet you? If your photo is you fresh faced clean cut but you now support a well cultivated hipster beard, update the photo.

If you want Michael Rowlands Photography to help you out, get in touch.
We can shoot individuals or whole teams. We can put a pop up portrait studio anywhere. We've even put a mobile studio up in the back of a van and took it on the road!

We've shot chefs, teachers, CEO's and apprentices. We've photographed Doctors and the Cirque Du Soleil. Musicians, actors, Dating profiles and more

The team can shoot everything from contemporary portraits with a cool and awesome edge right through to traditional more corporatey headshots.
We can add colour with backgrounds, include branding and logos or shoot simple clean white background portraits perfect for a variety of applications.
We can shoot studio portraits or environmental portraits, headshots to group shots... Just get in touch!

For further information on Linkedin Portraits and other corporate style work, say hello: studio@michaelrowlands.co.uk Rebecca Prime Derby Conference CentreRebecca Prime Derby Conference Centre



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