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Derby Business Network, Interesting people doing interesting things.

January 10, 2018

That time for new beginings, juice diets, gym joining and buying 'activewear'.

It's also a time for resolutions and project planning.

I always tend to break resolutions. I ruined my 'no coffee' plan 2 days into the new year and as for my 'BBPD' (Belgian buns per day) reduction plan, it's working but I may have had a sneak one or two when I could have chosen a Granola bar...

So New Years Resolutions have had to have a little re-think upstairs in my noodle where all the thoughts and randomness gets processed.
I think this year, I'll be looking at a resoluton of meeting people.

I'd like to meet new peope and find out about them, their work, their lives and their interestingness. I'd also like to shoot a portrait or two of them while I do it.

So if you are in busines in Derby and are reading this.
If you think that you fancy a cuppa and a chat a ae willing to sit for some portraits then get in touch.

I'd love to hear from you.




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