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February 13, 2018

Business Networking, coffee with... Haydn.

Anyone in business needs 'go to' peeps.
Experts make life easier. We can't do everything.

A solid business network enables freelancers and business owners to form and maintain professional relationships that can really make a difference to plots and plans, projects and more.

My go to guy for anything internet wise is Haydn from SWA Design.

His understanding of how to approach web based solutions really makes a difference and it's all down to networking. We hooked up for a chat about a pending project: www.photographerwanted.co.uk and before long, we had it all mapped out!

On a bigge rnote, this longstanding relationship with SWA has provided the foundations for another project.

This project started life as a way for me as a photographer to engage and develop my contact base on a personal level. Actually meeting people rather than just hooking up via online connections. We're chatting about how to take this further with maybe a more tailored website about business networking opportunities in and around Derby. Yes, it's early doors, but Who knows where it could take us!

Watch this space!



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