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Headshots in Derby. Actors, musicians and more.

February 12, 2018

Headshots are becoming more and more widely used and required in modern society. Not just as promo hand outs and Z cards for actors, musicans, models and performers.
From social media accounts, 'About us' pages on websites, online directories and bio pages for professional networking websites. Headshots, portraits and 'mug shots' are common place and we could all do with a solid set of images that we can call on when required.

I've just renewed my press card and used one of those little booths at Tesco and the result is embarressing!
I wish I could shoot my own portrait! (it's harder than you think!)

The team here can shoot a variety of headshots in a variety of ways.
From studio sessions through to the office. Coffee shops, parks and city streets.

It's all about you.
How do you want to represent yourself? How do you want to be remembered?

Get in touch for a chat.
Or even better, a coffee and a chat!

We can help in many ways from portrait shooting and digital supply even through to fan merchandise and more!

Reach us here: studio@michaelrowlands.co.uk or call 07790 011 278.




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