Corporate portraits, business portraits, executive headshots in Derby.

They have many different names, people call them and refer to them as many different things but essentially, they are portraits shot for a purpose. To make you look awesome still, but in a business environment.

There are many schools of thought with business portraits and these all boil down to who they are for.

You might find a large company would like staff portraits on their websites or in the reception areas. These tend to be of the core staff, higher management teams and maybe the sales teams/customer facing members of the team. Headshots are a great way of personalising a larger company so when you speak to someone on the phone, you know who you are talking to!

Corporate portraits in this environment tend have a 'uniform' feel to them, the same style of shot, the same look and feel to them that fits in with the company colours or brand identity.

Smaller companies, owner managed businesses and others often choose to have corporate portraits shot in a more stylised way. These are often used for things like linkedin, twitter and 'about us' pages on websites.

Creating a set of business portraits is a partnership. We'll work together to ensure images created not only make you look as awesome as possible, but also exactly how you want to present yourself to the world as in this 'virtual world' of facebook, linkedin, twitter and google, peoples first impression of you could be make or break as whether they pick the phone up or not!

A corporate portrait sitting costs from £99.00

It includes the portrait sitting and a selection of digital files for you to use as and where you see fit.
I'll provide square crops, landscape images and more to ensure you get what you need.

I can help supply make up and styling should you require it along with doing our best to provide a portrait sitting when it suits you as time away from the office has to count. So evening and weekend sittings are available, just get in touch!

I can shoot individuals, and whole teams so if you have bespoke requirements, just drop us an email and we'll find a solution that works!

So get in touch and see if we can help you.